Replanting of trees infested with wood decay fungi with Avengelus PRO

Often trees infected by wood decay fungi become unstable and must be felled. Replanting is often a requirement in such cases. To avoid the newly planted tree succumbing to the same diseases (e.g. Armillaria) we recommend the replacement of the affected soil and a treatment with our Avengelus PRO products, where a treatment is available for a certain range of wood decay fungi.

For replanting owing to wood decay fungi, we recommend careful removal of most of the core of the old root system along with infected soil. As a precaution, we also recommend the use of Avengelus PRO products at least once or several times (depends on the infestation of the soil and the fungus), which are especially conditioned for individual cases of decay fungi. In this way, the growth of wood decay fungi is arrested, thus minimising new population outbreaks.

  • Reduces the risk of re-infestation
  • Strengthening the defences of the replanted tree
  • Improvement of soil biology
  • Boosting the vitality