Strengthening the defensive forces of a historically valuable hornbeam hedge with Avengelus LAB

Our client Alessandro Galli, responsible for the wonderful garden of Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta in Lainate, contacted us in autumn 2017 because the historically valuable hedge Carpinus betulus lost its vitality. In the laboratory, with a lot of patience and the performance of various tests, it was determined that the hedge was infested by Eutypella quaternata.

In the vicinity of Lainate, several hedges have already been observed to die within a very short time. Therefore, we assume that this pathogen is very aggressive.

The customer treated the hornbeam hedge four times with our Avengelus LAB in the first year (2018) and intends to continue the treatment in the following three years. At the same time, quality chipped wood was spread in the root area. Six months after the first treatment there are no plants showing symptoms of the disease. On the contrary, a very good vegetative recovery is clearly visible!