Mogelsberg treetop trail in Switzerland

The treetop trail is an almost 500 m long boardwalk that allows visitors to walk through the forest at the height of the treetops. On a total of 168 pillars – between 3 and 12 m high – curved arch elements rest, which meander through the forest. For environmental reasons, the client contacted MycoSolutions with the idea of applying a biological impregnation. As part of a project, a fungus treatment was developed together with the Empa to ensure that “good” fungi can keep pathogens away.

The trunks of spruce from the region Toggenburg were peeled and sprayed with a spore suspension after being cut to size and prepared for assembly. The suspension contained fungal spores of the genus Trichoderma as well as additives such as sugar and urea. Afterwards, the logs were stored dry to allow the spores to germinate for 14 days. This resulted in the formation of mycelium (fungal network), which could grow into the wood and now made a biological impregnation possible. As a result of the logs drying out, tension cracks are predicted to appear within 1 to 2 years. These are to be treated in a second step with a varnish, which prevents the establishment of spores from pathogens in the cracks. The persons responsible are confident that the nature attraction, which opened in spring 2018, will have a long durability with this treatment.