Tailor made Avengelus LAB products

In the situation where the wood decay fungus is not in our PRO range or can not be identified on-site, we offer the isolation and identification of the fungus in our laboratory using the best DNA testing kits. To ensure this, we require samples of the fruiting body or rhizomorphs. Following the analysis, a tailor made Avengelus LAB product can be produced. By activating plant-derived antibodies, Avengelus LAB helps the trees defend themselves against wood decay fungi. In addition, the Trichoderma strain in the product competes with harmful fungi in the soil for space and food and can supplant these with its faster growth and parasitism.

Requirements for the sample

For the isolation procedure of the wood decay fungus, we require a fresh sample of the fungus for successful identification. Samples could be taken directly from the fruiting body, infected bark or rhizomorphs. For this, attention must be paid to disinfect hands and/or tools. Roots and decomposed wood are not suitable for analysis in our laboratory because they are partly soil and heavily contaminated with other bacteria or fungi. Attempts to reduce the amount of soil of the sample should be made to maximise the chances for successful identification of the harmful fungus. The fresh sample should then be carefully wrapped in newspaper and not stored in plastic bags. Plastic bags promote the development of mould, which additionally contaminate the sample. Samples are best stored in the refrigerator until the next possible shipping/transport (ideally on the same day as the collection).

NOTE: Insulation and identification of the pathogen can also be ordered separately – the cost per sample is CHF 770.- / EUR 700.-

Molecular biological determination

After receiving the sample and successfully isolating the wood decay fungus in the laboratory, dual culture tests are performed. In this way, different Trichoderma strains are tested against the wood decay fungus, from which a suitably conditioned product can be produced.

Revitalisation through tree treatment

Wood decay fungi grow and develop over years before loss of vitality becomes apparent. To compensate for the long stress period the tree is under and to keep the Trichoderma population at a high activity level, we recommend treatment over several years. Avengelus LAB products are applied 4 times a year at intervals of 4 weeks for a minimum of 4 years.

Application & Dosage


Measure 2 ml gel per litre of water. Stir well and apply 1 L per m² to the ground and/or spray on plants using a jug, backpack sprayer or spray barrel.


Dry application for a long-term effect:
Apply 10 ml granules per m² to the soil and irrigate well. For replantings, granules have to be in contact with the roots of the plant. Can be mixed with compost before planting (10 g per 10 L of compost).

Liquid application: Add 2 ml granules to 1 L of water. Soak for at least 30 min, stir well an apply with a watering can or squirting barrel 1 L per m² directly to the soil and/or spray directly onto the plant.

Please note: Avoid mixing Avengelus LAB products with products that have a pH value below 4.5 and above 8. Do not mix with products containing bactericides, fungicides or phosphates.

Particularly effective for application over 4 years with at least 4 doses per year in 4-week intervals. Safe for humans and animals when used properly.

Contains fungal spores (Trichoderma harzianum CBS 140589) 1×108 (CFU per ml).


Avengelus LAB products should be stored in a cool and dry place and protected from direct sunlight. Ideally at a temperature of 10-15 °C. Once opened, bottle should be stored at 4-8 °C.

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