MycoSolutions offers product innovations for arboriculture. The Avengelus product range is environmentally friendly, as it uses natural control mechanisms. The main biological ingredient, Trichoderma, coexists with mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial insects. It can also be used in locations where chemically-synthetic agents are forbidden. Regarding groundwater protection there are no application restrictions.

In the following you will find examples of applications where Avengelus products can be very useful:

  • Tree nurseries

    Our Avengelus BASIC granules can provide great benefits for tree nurseries. Our product works as a biological soil ameliorant to prevent common nursery tree diseases from entering the roots, thereby keeping trees healthy.

  • new plantings

    We recommend our Avengelus BASIC granules in combination with plant charcoal for new tree plantings. The Trichoderma behaves like a stimulant and helps the tree overcome transplant shock. Charcoal is an ameliorant and helps loosen the soil particles and prevent soil compaction.

  • replacement plantings

    Sick trees are often felled where a replacement tree is planted in their place. In order for the newly planted tree to not succumb to the same diseases, we recommend, in addition to excavation and the replacement of the affected soil, treatment with our Avengelus BASIC or Avengelus PRO products.

  • Treatment against the most common wood-decay fungi

    Our Avengelus PRO range offers treatment for the most common wood-decay fungi in urban and residential areas. Since the fruiting bodies of wood-decay fungi only become visible in some time after decay has established, we recommend ongoing treatment for a period of at least 4 years

  • We identify harmful fungi and provide an appropriate treatment

    If the fungal pathogen cannot be identified on site from fungal fruiting bodies or mycelia, we offer isolation and identification of the fungus in the laboratory. For this we need samples of the fruiting body or the rhizomorph. After the analysis, we can produce a customised Avengelus LAB product.

  • Treating tree wounds

    Pruning wounds or general injuries to the tree are potential entry points for decay-causing fungi. The entrance of wood-decay fungi can be prevented by the application of Avengelus BASIC gel, thereby helping the natural sealing process.