Flawiler trees were replanted and strengthened with our Trichoderma product Avengelus by MycoSolutions

Strengthening of an injured chestnut tree

The train station square of the city Flawil is redesigned. During the construction work, the roots of a chestnut tree were badly damaged. Moreover, the roots were also exposed to the air for a long time and dried out accordingly.

Roger Gehrig, a gardener from Flawil, treated all exposed roots with the Trichoderma product Avengelus BASIC Gel (1:9). The roots were sprayed with a knapsack sprayer. At the same time, he added 20 litres (18 kg) of biochar to the soil close to the exposed roots. In addition, he installed an irrigation system, which is fed by the local well close by. As the last step, the pit was filled with humus (topsoil).

The treatment with Avengelus BASIC with Trichoderma in the root area will vitalize the tree. The absorption of nutrients is facilitated and the ability to store water increased. Moreover, Trichoderma will connect with the tree roots and increase their growth. Drought stress has become a problem for many urban trees due to climate change. High temperatures and little rainfall place great demands on trees.

The combination of biochar and Avengelus BASIC ensures that the increased capacity to store moisture benefits the preferences of the tree and Trichoderma so that the microorganisms are more active. In addition, coarse-grained biochar reduces the potential of soil compaction and increases subsurface air.

Promoting root growth of new plantings with Trichoderma

In the second week of November the replacement planting and three new plantings were carried out. After 7 new plantings with Trichoderma products from MycoSolutions were carried out last year in October, which developed well despite dry summer weather, MycoSolutions was allowed to supply 20 litres of plant coal and 1 litre of gel for each tree.

Recommended for new plantings