Avoid drought stress in trees with Trichoderma

A prevention with Trichoderma product Avengelus BASIC

This year’s heat, combined with little rainfall, caused massive drought stress in trees. In many places the trees reacted with an early leave or needle fall to not dry out completely.

Urban trees and stressed, weakened trees particularly affected

Particularly urban trees suffer from these poor conditions, as the root zone and thus the access to water is additionally limited for them.  Confiers such as spruce trees were also heavily stressed and weakened and were therefore faced with a strong bark beetle infestation. Especially old and stressed trees are susceptible to parasites and fungal pathogens.

Preventive use of Trichoderma harzianum

A treatment with Avengelus BASIC is one way to strengthen the plants and to support their water and nutrient uptake. Avengelus BASIC contains the beneficial fungus Trichoderma harzianum.

Established in the soil, Trichoderma harzianum produces various substances that cause the plant to activate antibodies when needed. This can be, for example, the production of bitter substances that deter pests.

Trichoderma harzianum is also a very efficient user of space and nutrients. If used early, Trichoderma harzianum occupies space and nutrients before soil-borne fungal pathogens are able to develop. In addition, Trichoderma harzianum produces an enzyme with which the cell walls of other fungal pathogens can be dissolved. The beneficial soil fungus then parasitizes its adversary and destroys it.

The production of messenger substances also stimulates root growth. Through intensified root penetration, the absorption capacity of water and nutrients is increased, thus preventing drought stress when Avengelus BASIC is applied at an early stage.