Lawn cure with Trichoderma after tree felling because of Armillaria

On a plot where several trees have had to be felled in recent years due to an Armillaria infestation, fruiting bodies are still visible on a regular basis. The customer would like to plant trees again on his property and was looking for a way to prepare a new planting. The lawn was heavily loaded due to the felling work.
In May 2017 a preventive Trichoderma treatment was started in order to promote the nutrient availability of the soil and to restore the microbial balance. In addition, the resistance of the lawn to stress factors such as sub-optimal fertilisation, excessive irrigation and climatic influences as well as diseases was to be increased. The lawn was treated 4 times each in 2017 and 2018 in 4-week intervals (total 8 treatments).
In autumn 2018 the lawn was in a much better condition despite drought stress. The Trichoderma lawn treatment is continued for at least 2 years.

Fruiting bodies in autumn in 2017 after first treatment (4 applications) with Trichoderma .

Success after 8 applications with Trichoderma in autumn 2018.

Rasen mit Hallimasch vor Trichoderma Behandlung

Lawn after first treatment (4 applications) with Trichoderma in 2017.

Lawn after treatment (8 applications) with Trichoderma in autumn 2018.