Project Hong Kong

Since 2010, there has been increasing number of reported Brown root rot (BRR) in Hong Kong.

Although there is no known direct remedy for the BRR disease so far, there has been overseas research information to suggest the possible employment of antagonistic fungal species (particularly Trichoderma strains) as biological agent to control the BRR disease.

Alla luce di questo, Francis Schwarze e Javier Rivera-Regal hanno collaborato in un progetto di ricerca con la Tree Management Office (TMO), con Muni Arborists e con le università locali cinesi.

In light of this, Francis Schwarze and Javier Ribera-Regal collaborated in a research project with the Tree Management Office (TMO), Muni Arborists and local universities. The study demonstrated successful isolation of local strains of Trichoderma which could effectively suppress the BRR fungus under laboratory conditions.
The actual application in the field gave promising results.
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