Diagnoses of fungal pathogens on trees

Isolation and identification of fungal pathogens on trees, plants and wood products
From A to Armillaria to Fungal RNA we elicit each fungal name and can provide you with valuable information on the invasiveness, life cycle and preventitive actions to be taken. Send fresh fruiting bodies in paper well packed to MycOSolutions® (postal address; see contact).

Even without fruiting bodies we can identify the wood decay fungus or pathogen in infected samples. The individual steps in this case are as follows:
  • Harzard assessment of the infected tree
  • Isolation of the casual wood decay fungus from infected wood
  • Cultivation and propagation of mycelium
  • DNA-extraction
  • Reproduction of the coding region of the DNA-ITS with PCR
  • Separating PCR products by gel electrophoresis
  • Purification
  • Sequencing and comparing the base sequences using BLAST (NCBI Database)

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